Ground Transportation to Fajardo


At either of San Juan's airports, Luis Muñoz Marín International (SJU) or Isla Grande (SIG), you can find a taxi that will drive you to Fajardo for approximately $75. The trip can take from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

At LMM International there will be a stand as you leave baggage claim operated by airport personnel or Puerto Rican Tourism that can help you find a taxi.

At Isla Grande the taxis should be stationed directly outside the front door. If you need assistance you can also ask an agent working for the airline on which you arrived.

Private Driver

You can also arrange for a private driver.

Julian's Transportation Service has proven to be a reliable means of transportation from the San Juan area to Fajardo or other parts of the island.

Julian's charges approximately $75 for two people and $5 for each person after that.

We also have a personal driver that is available on limited dates.

Whether you go by taxi or private driver they should deliver you directly to the Ferry Terminal in Fajardo (Fajardo Playa).

Flights are available from either of San Juan's airports to either Fajardo or Vieques.

How does the ferry work?


Fishing boats at the the dock in Vieques

San Juan area.


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